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Welcome to UAW Local 1250

The website’s sole purpose is to act as a primary resource of timely and accurate news and information effecting this local.

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September 11 2017 Down Week Unemployment & Sub Pay Instructions

The purpose of this communication is to provide employees with information about unemployment, and SUB pay for the September 11-17 down week.  Questions regarding this communication should be directed to Labor Relations at 216-676-7748 or 216-676-7571.
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Information Bulletin August 29, 2017

As you are aware, on September 7th 2017 we will hold an Education/Health Care Fair for all of our members. Reminiscent of years ago, it will be held in a tent in front of the gate where you first enter into the plant. 
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International News

The UAW was a key player in knocking down racial barriers in bowling Download a PDF of this article Bowling has a way of creating solidarity outside the workplace like no other activity. Amid the repeated thumps of balls hitting the alleys and crashing into pins, we gather at our local alleys to compete and

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Six labor leaders made the following statement after today’s trade meeting with President Trump:  Labor is united in its view that NAFTA is a disaster for working people and must be fixed. We had a very productive meeting which made clear to the president that a new NAFTA must create fair and balanced trade in

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