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Welcome to UAW Local 1250

The website’s sole purpose is to act as a primary resource of timely and accurate news and information effecting this local.

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Information Bulletin May 17, 2017

2017 Inflation Bonus
Eligible hourly employees will receive the 2017 Inflation Bonus Lump Sum Payment of $1500 during the week of June 11th 2017. Full time hourly employees on the active employment roll are eligible if they have acquired seniority (completed their 90 day probationary period) as of May 15th 2017.
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May Membership Meeting

May Membership Meeting Notice
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International News

Nearly five months after the Republican-controlled legislature paused their attempt to dismantle retirement savings for teachers, administrators and support staff, they’re back at it again. Corporate special interests are pushing them to slash school employees’ compensation and rob public employees of their retirement benefits. The good news is, thanks to your calls and emails, the

The post Stop Legislation that costs taxpayers $46 billion and harms teacher pensions appeared first on UAW.


A report released today by Worksafe, a California nonprofit that advocates for better health and safety protections for workers, shows that Tesla’s own internal data demonstrates annual injury rates at its Fremont plant have consistently exceeded industry averages. For example, in 2015—the last year for which industry-wide comparative data is available—Tesla’s overall injury rate in

The post Report by Worksafe: Internal Tesla Data shows injury rates at Fremont facility are significantly higher than the national average appeared first on UAW.


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