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The website’s sole purpose is to act as a primary resource of timely and accurate news and information effecting this local.

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CALL CONGRESS AND TELL THEM: NO ON FAST TRACK 1-888-926-0045 The UAW strongly opposes Fast Track because, Fast Track has led to unfair trade practices that have left millions of American workers out of work.
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EP 1 Information Bulletin

SUMMER SHUTDOWN The Company has informed us that the Shutdown Period for the plant will be the weeks of June 29th and July 6th, 2015.
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International News

“The announcement by Ford to invest 2.5 billion in Mexico is disappointing but not any more disappointing than GM’s decision to invest $5 billion in Mexico or similar investments like FCA Chrysler, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, and now both Toyota and Kia which have announced investments in Mexico.
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Judge grants DOL request for temporary restraining order against major seat manufacturer that tried to silence whistleblower
Contact: Jack Temple, jack.temple@berlinrosen.com, (646) 200-5280
Selma, Ala. – An Alabama federal judge Thursday issued a temporary restraining order against a major supplier to Hyundai that had threatened workers who spoke out about health and safety concerns and fired a whistleblower. 
The judge’s decision came a day after the U.S.
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