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Welcome to UAW Local 1250

The website’s sole purpose is to act as a primary resource of timely and accurate news and information effecting this local.

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Local Contract Ratification Results

Local Contract Ratification Results
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Skilled Trades Information Bulletin

I want to bring you up to date on current events in the plant and to relay some information received from our Sub-council conference in Chicago a few weeks ago.
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International News

UAW Vice President and Women’s Department Director Cindy Estrada says thank you to all who attended today’s Women’s March on Washington or a sister event. Continue your activism by registering your commitment to stay involved.

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Watch the video: Trump says he wants to put students first, not the education bureaucracy. So, why did Trump choose Betsy DeVos, who has no experience in education, and is clueless on federal policies that put students first, such as disabled children?

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